Normas a cumplir durante la visita

  1. The route of the visit is duly indicated by a system of panels. You must not leave the indicated path to do the tour, any incident outside the indicated area will be the responsibility of the visitor.

  2. It is important to walk in the inner area of ​​the landslides to avoid accidents and terraces.

  3. Respect trees and plants. Do not pick up branches, fruit or leaves. It is also not allowed to climb it.

  4. In the event that any agricultural task requires modifying the path, it will be clearly indicated. Respect the farm workers: they also work to make your stay more pleasant.

  5. The tour ends at the reception area (check-in), where you can make a scheduled stop during the visit and ask any questions you may have. Along the entire route you will find route signs and explanatory maps

  6. In the reservations section you will find a space for comments where you can indicate food intolerances or allergies

  7. It is not allowed to feed our domestic animals to avoid changes in their habits

  8. Accompanying adults will be responsible for enforcing these rules on minor visitors.

  9. It is an essential requirement to accept these rules before processing your request.

  10. The visit is not recommended for people with reduced mobility. Part of the route is only accessible on foot.